Making a Will

Making a Will

Making a will provides assurance and peace of mind that your money, property and possesions will be dealt with according to your wishes after your death. 



For more than 60 years, Whiteheads Solicitors have been advising the people of Staffordshire and beyond on how to make a will, including appointing an executor, the procedure to make revisions to an existing document and guidance on a safe document storage facility. 



The process is simple and inexpensive - we simply meet you to discuss your requirements, then draw up a document according to your wishes. 



During your free initial consultation, we will listen to your requirements and then advise on the best way to produce your will, including appointing an executor. We can also advise on Probate and
Inheritance Tax. 

We are also able to make visits to your home, or other agreed location, to make your will. 



To arrange a free consultation, with absolutely no obligation, please call Chris Murphy on 01782 615278. 



As well as offering help to make a will, Whiteheads are able to deal with all aspects of Probate, including the administration of estates, claims against estates and deeds of variation.



Increasingly, this area of law is becoming more complex, with factors such as chargeable lifetime transfers and upfront entry tax, and it is important to obtain professional advice. 



Whiteheads Solicitors can also offer advice on ways to reduce Inheritance Tax contributions.



Under current laws, the first £325,000 of every estate is free of Inheritance Tax (often referred to as death duties). Amounts within estate exceeding £325,000 are then taxed at 40 per cent.



With the high price of homes in Britian, Inheritance Tax is now no longer just the concern of families with large portfolios of land and property. 



We can highlight the exemptions and relief that may be available to you and also provide guidance on how to gift money by means of a probate trust, reducing your liability to Inheritance Tax. 


To find out more, call Chris Murphy on 01782 615278

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